Our mission at Bloom is to provide our customers with products that benefit your hair along with keeping up with today’s trends.
Aside from looking shiny and modern, our silk fabrics protect against friction and tension that is associated with traditional elastic hair ties since it has a naturally slippery feel.

Say goodbye to breakage!
Our Cotton Scrunchies also nurture your hair’s optimal health. In comparison to a regular elastic hair tie which alone, causes damage to the hair, the cotton scrunchie has a protected barrier between your hair and the elastic.

Not only are scrunchies back from the 90’s, these trendy accessories add a fashion statement to your every day look; you want to wear a high pony? Grab a scrunchie and give it a little pop! You want to make your topknot a little less boring? Put a scrunchie around it!
The options are endless and so fun & flirty.

We believe that high quality fabric is a symbol of luxury and as a result, our scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage. All products offered to our Bloom Babes are carefully curated and tested, to ensure the best quality, style, and care for your locks.